A unique history...

...links the name Thorin to Beaujolais and Mâconnais

The end of antiquity marks the arrival of the Burgundian Thores in Gaul...

The history of Thorin goes back more than 1,500 years, the name having probably appeared in the Beaujolais region in 457.
The Burgundian Thores arrived from Bornholm, the red cliff island between Sweden and Denmark.
They crossed many countries before arriving in Celtic Gaul where they founded the kingdom of the ‘Burgundians’, which extended from the north of Dijon to Avignon.
The origin of the House of Thorin is with that of a hamlet founded by the Burgundian Thores and the village of Romanèche, which later gave the name of Romanèche-Thorins.

Carte Borrholm

From 1620 onwards, the name Thorin spread...

Carte de cassini

In 1690, under the reign of Louis-XIV, there were about a hundred people with this name in the commune of Romanèche alone.
It was also during this period that viticulture developed, with nearly ¾ of the land planted with vines.

1843 – J. Thorin's creation

J. Thorin was founded by Jean Thorin in 1843, born to a family whose ancestors witnessed the birth of the vines and shaped the vineyard we know today.
Over the years, the company developed both in France and abroad, particularly with the opening of the Paris-Marseille railway line and growing exports.
Maison J. Thorin then became one of the largest Beaujolais houses with nearly 135 employees and a presence in many countries worldwide.

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Today, a Maison with a wealth of expertise

Fût Fleurie Thorin

With the benefit of 180 years of traditional family experience in Beaujolais, Maison J. Thorin has acquired genuine expertise and an excellent knowledge of what constitutes the diversity of this unique vineyard.
In particular the diversity of the soils, forming a unique mosaic, allowing the same grape variety to express wines rich in distinctive characters.